Back to the workbench – November 2017

So, I’m back at work again after a few eventful months… To cut a long story short: my daughter was born in mid October, which meant that I needed to work on making the house baby-ready over the summer/autumn and then I’ve spent the last month baby watching, which all meant that I didn’t really have time for building my new workshop this year… so now that will happen next spring/summer instead.
Anyway, I’m back in the workshop now, finishing off some instruments which I’ve been working on in-between everything else this summer/autumn: varnishing the pair of 5-course guitars which I started in February, and assembling a slightly experimental 6-string classical. Also working on the designs for my next couple of commissions: an interesting new 6-string classical guitar and a 9-string version of the Brahms guitar. Looking forward to a busy winter making some cool and unusual guitars.