New Leiden model – March 2019

It’s been a while since my last post here, because I’ve been busy working on various guitar commissions, and getting used to the new workshop. I’ve made a couple of 8-string Brahms guitars and a couple of 6-string classical guitars in there now, and it’s working well.

Here are some photos of my most recently finished commission, for Joseph Ehrenpreis. The idea was to make a modern short-scale classical guitar, with a big sound and very comfortable playability. After considering various different designs, we decided that a development of my Leiden model would be the best way to get the playing setup and sound that he wants.

Top: ‘torrefied’ sitka spruce.
Back/sides: rippled European ash.
Neck: Douglas fir, carbon fibre and ash.
Fingerboard: purpleheart (FSC).
Tuners: Wittner finetune pegs.

string lengths: 610mm – 630mm

One thought on “New Leiden model – March 2019”

  1. Congratulations Martin. The guitar has a very modern, sleek appearance.
    Best of luck with the new Leiden model classical guitar!

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